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Oct 19, 2020
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Hi and thanks for the add to group.

Not sure if anyone can help but here's a question to the brains trust. I'm running raspberrypints on a raspberry pi zero w. I have 10 yf-s201 flow meters, still need to get a arduino uno or a wemo D1 mini ESP8266 ( or can I hook the 10 flowmetes direct to pi?). I'll pick that up next week when I'm home if required. I'm Chassing the wiring diagram to hook the flow meters to the arduino uno/ wemo or pi direct.then the arduino/ wemo to the pi. Any help/advice is appreciated. Just have no idea what I'm doin, I have tried searching but can't find .

I have a second pi running fermentrack with 5 ispindels and a gen 1 tilt. I seperated the 2 programs due to my inexperience and i kept having issues and when I had them on the same pi i couldn't get the pi to work properly and had a clash with chromium and Linux browser. I'd have to start from scratch each time... that's not the problem, I'm happy to keep them separate.
Thanks in advance


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