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  1. W

    Immersion chiller disconnects

    I have a couple of 5/8" OD immersion chillers I use. The connecting tubing keeps getting chewed up by the clamps I'm using. In addition the connection sometimes leak. I was wondering if there any fittings or disconnects that anyone has used for their chillers.
  2. Steven Sinclair

    Quick Disconnect Cap/Cover

    Looking for caps/covers for male 1/2" Quick Disconnect fittings... Do these exist? I've been searching all over the innerwebs for a product like this or even something that is close to it and would work, but the closest I've found is caps/covers for hydraulic QDs. Unfortunately, those don't...
  3. Nate R

    Easy Connectors: Quick Disconnects (QD's) vs. Cam Locks vs. Blichmann model QD's

    Hello community. I am changing my brew system and have decided to move to some form of quick disconnect system, as I will be moving a 1/2" ID pump line for an all-in-one system. I see about 3 major types: Quick Disconnect, Cam Locks, and then Blichmann's proprietary system. So, I was hoping to...
  4. N

    For Sale Automated HERMS Brew System - Braumeister 50L 220v, NYC/Hoboken 07310, pick-up

    Selling fully automated brewing system, everything in pristine condition. Local delivery or pick up. Prices as below, obo, payment in cash/venmo/paypal. Braumeister 50L HERMS automated brew kettle, 210v ($1,700) -Full set of accessories to accompany, ss spoon, gloves, funnel, extension cord...
  5. J2W2

    Pin-Lock liquid disconnects not releasing "cleanly"

    Hi, I have pin-lock kegs and quick disconnects. Each time I put a new keg in my keezer, I disconnect all the liquid lines and clean them. I'm not sure when this started (I'm sure it hasn't always been this way), but lately when I remove my liquid disconnects, I often have to work them back and...
  6. V

    Craft the Perfect Draft Quick Disconnects

    It happened to me right at the end of a boil for a ten gallon batch of English IPA. I'd been brewing on this electric BIAB system for several months and loved how easy it was to connect and disconnect the silicone tubing whenever I needed to. But when the line connecting the kettle to the inlet...