Easy Connectors: Quick Disconnects (QD's) vs. Cam Locks vs. Blichmann model QD's

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Nate R

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Jun 23, 2018
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Hello community.
I am changing my brew system and have decided to move to some form of quick disconnect system, as I will be moving a 1/2" ID pump line for an all-in-one system.
I see about 3 major types: Quick Disconnect, Cam Locks, and then Blichmann's proprietary system.
So, I was hoping to get some feedback on who prefers what, and why.
I know I want stainless for durability and other reasons.
What are the pros & cons of each?
What is easiest to use?
What is easiest to clean?
I understand there may be a price difference between certain models, but for now I want to know more about each. I see these as a buy-once, cry-once investment.

Many thanks to you all for you help, input, & advice on this!


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Jul 3, 2018
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I use camlocks - are mil spec worldwide and very easy to clean. With a bit of practice using 1 handed no problem.

QD's are not all compatible so expansion can be a problem (seems like I'm forever expanding). Not as easy to clean. A little more $ than camlocks.

Not familiar w/Blichmann's. The threaded twist on? Doesn't seem quick to me.

I see homebrew equipment heading to TC and for the life of me don't understand it hot side. Esp TC on a BOIL kettle. Only way I see advantage of TC hot side is if your system is CIP.
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