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  1. GirthySquirt

    Brewing: Low Efficiency Desirable Benefits Possible? Can Tanking Efficiency INCREASE Flavor?

    Main Question: Can I lower my brew-house efficiency purposefully to enable using a massive grain bill and get more flavor in my final product? Can low brew-house efficiency actually improve beer flavor, body, and mouthfeel in some scenarios because low efficiency implies more grain is being...
  2. #p3brews

    All Grain Brew Issues

    Last week I brewed my first all grain batch. 40 lbs of grain mostly 2 row. I had 30 gallons of water and ended up with 15 gal in fermentors. There are 2 things i need to know. 1. What is this protein looking glub that formed in my wort and how do i avoid? 2. How can i be more efficient and...
  3. G

    Trub from kettle

    Hey guys, First time poster but a lonnng time follower and observer. I recently brewed an all grain cream ale recipe and had an issue or at least what I believe is an issue when transferring from the brew kettle to the fermenter. This is my second all grain batch, the first being a stout...
  4. H

    Oat Bran

    Hi all. I recently read that oat bran has 50% more b glucans than flakes and more protein as well. So I found a dealer online and ordered a kilo to try. I checked it out and it states to have 18% protein, much more compared to the 13.5% on flakes. Has anyone else tried using them for enhancing...
  5. skunkmeister

    Does trub/cold-break affect SG readings?

    I'm guessing because the trub/cold-break is not in solution then it should not affect the SG of the wort. Is that correct? If so, then does that mean that any proteins left in solution do contribute to the SG? Or are proteins so much lighter than sugars as to not be a factor? However, if...