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  1. frankvw

    Water-to-grist ratio and grain absorption

    Because many home brewers in this area (including yours truly) brew with borehole water from a dolomite layer which is so hard it can be described as liquid pebbles and has a high pH as well, I have tried to observe the recommendation of not using more than 2 quarts of water (2L) per pound of...
  2. beervoid

    NEIPA's Whirlfloc and the case of polyphenol haze

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share some thoughts. I've been brewing NEIPA's for quiet some time now. Experimenting with wheat/oat percentages and also with and without kettle finings, in this case whirlfloc. I'm of the opinion that large percentages of oats or wheats cause a haze that combined...