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  1. M

    Removing plastic door shelves panel from Regular fridge door

    Hi all, I just got a big fridge I'll be using as a fermentation chamber/cool storing unit for my brews. I need to take off the plastic door panel as the built-in shelves take too much space inside. I looked around the rubber seal but there are no visible screws. Does anyone have experienced...
  2. Aróchito

    Brewing Cider in Plastic Sparklets 5Gal

    Hey folks, I am about to start brewing a new batch of cider and have aquired 6, 5 gallon plastic sparklets water jugs with the number 7 on the bottom. They have only carried water in them, were never reused, and kept out of the sun. Does anyone have any experience or know anything scientific...
  3. S

    Plasticky Residue in Old Primary Fermenter

    So I got out my plastic primary fermenter (35 liter) and opened the lid. Terrible smell. Not sure how to describe it. Aromatic plastic maybe. In the bottom of the fermenter, there's a clear, thick, syrupy substance. 3 millimeters. Tried spraying it out with water, but it does not appear to be...
  4. aBlankExpression

    Questions from a Novice Mead Maker

    Hi I've been making mead now for six months now and had some questions about the process. Residual Sugars I am looking to make a Hydromel, information online suggest there is success using s-04 yeast. People also recommend with that when using this yeast use a starting gravity of 1.040 but the...
  5. B

    Small Kombucha Advice

    Hey, I've been wanting to start a small kombucha business, however I'm only experienced in making very small batches of kombucha and I need some advice on what equipment I need in order to make enough to sell at a small farmers' market. Right now for personal consumption, I use one 2 gal glass...
  6. piojo

    Which plastic are auto-siphons made of, and how am I destroying them? (Bottling wands also)

    I've damaged an auto-siphon (the inner racking cane part) and two bottling wands. They've all developed a milky white coating on the inside (chalky looking) within a few days after using them. The auto-siphon also crazed noticeably. I sanitized them in iodophor (not homebrewing iodophor but...
  7. J

    First Potentially Infected Beer

    Hello, I am new to home brewing with 2 successful batches under my belt. I recently brewed a Neapolitan Stout kit from MoreBeer ( - KT HERE...
  8. lebshiff21

    Belgian yeasts and plastic

    I've searched the forums and haven't found anything directly related to this question... I was just on Russian River Brewing Co.'s website and noticed this blurb about how they got started brewing Belgian style ales: I bolded the part that piqued my interest. Is he inferring that the...
  9. oneawesomeguy


    So what do you guys think about plastic in brewing? I have always been a bit reluctant to using plastics in cooking and storing food (I use only glass, cast iron, and stainless steal). Does anybody know of any ill-effects using plastic may have on one's health? I remember back in high school my...
  10. smatson

    Plastic Buckets OK?

    Q: I have used food grade plastic buckets in my home brewing adventures in the past (for fermenting and bottling). However, does anybody know if it is ok to use a normal 5 gallon plastic bucket in brewing? I will be using it for sparging. In other words, I will be filling the plastic bucket with...