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  1. PlantPatrol

    Pineapple Wine/Tepache potential recipe?

    Hey all, this is my first post, i’ve been brewing about a year so have lurked here for a good bit already though! This is a recipe I figured out from reading about other people’s pineapple experience, I intend to start soon but wanted to get opinions on it beforehand in case any of y’all have...
  2. A

    Hops that create a Pineapple flavor

    After trying Pineapple Tessellation form Lone Pine in Portland ME. My wife wants to make something close. She wants most of the pineapple flavor to come from the hops / hop combinations. She does plan to age it on some form of real pineapple at the end. I have a good base NEIPA recipe I use...
  3. matzou

    Tepache and wild yeast/bacteria

    Hello, Just to gather some information, I recently made a Tepache from the skin of one organic pineapple with some cane sugar, cinnamon and ginger. Unlike my last batch which had no problem (beside the usual souring if left fermented too long), this batch half was consumed 24h after still the...