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picobrew z

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  1. HarvesterOfBeer

    WTB: PicoBrew Z step filter lid

    Hello, all. I just managed to get my hands on a Z (yay!) which is complete, EXCEPT that it doesn't have the step filter lid or the drain tube + grommet. Hoping someone out there will have an extra.
  2. B

    Picobrew Z1 $1400

    Hello, I bought a Z2 and it's too much machine for me. I only need a Z1, so I'm selling one of the Z1s. The Z1 with all hoses and fittings along with one corny keg and Pico Brew lid is $1400. Yes, this is rediculously low compared to picobrew price. I am a day of purchaser of the Z2, so I...
  3. chillandbrew

    Comparing different automated systems

    Hi guys, My friend asked me to join Homebrewtalk and share my experience with the different automated systems. I am making this thread to do exactly that. I haven't seen any thread where they actually compare different systems, just threads on each system. I have used most automated systems...
  4. M

    Brewie+ vs Picobrew Z

    I want to get into brewing my own beer. I have looked into it before, but a overwhelmed with the process. I wanted to get something that automated most, if not all, of the process. The two machines that have really caught my eye are the new Picobrew Z and the new Brewie+. Both are newer...
  5. N

    PicoBrew Z - Any thoughts for a new brewer?

    Hey All! I'm brand new here and very new to brewing in general. I have a lot of interest, but not a ton of time. I was looking at the different machines from PicoBrew and the newly announced PicoBrew Z caught my attention. Can anyone share their thoughts on this machine in general and if...