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  1. JstnMoyer

    Weird OG readings with topped-off extract wort

    Has anyone come across this weird OG issue with topped-off partial boil wort? Just brewed my second partial boil extract batch yesterday. I chilled my concentrated wort and added to glass carboy (2.5 gallons) and topped it off with water getting it to 5 gallons. I aerated more by...
  2. frankvw

    Wort/trub filtration and sanitation

    After full grain brewing for years I have now begun to experiment with recipes based on extract and steeped grains in a partial boil. You know the drill: you make a small volume (1 gal. or so) of wort from some extract and steeped grains, making sure it has the same gravity as the OG of the...
  3. frankvw

    Calculating partial boil recipes and Beersmith

    I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious, but I just can't see it... I'm trying to calculate a few recipes for a stove-top partial boil in small pots. Instead of boiling 3kg of malt extract topped up to 15 liters, I want to boil 1kg of malt extract topped up to 5 liters, then add the...
  4. TrubDude

    Extract Twang? How to Combat It

    Hello. I'm a beginner and have been noticing a distinct syrup taste in my finished beer. All of them have a malty/molasses taste but are otherwise pretty good beers. Here is my current method: - 3 gal partial boil. Starting off with ~1 gal for wort then topping off to 3 gal at the end before...
  5. I

    Question Regarding Partial Boils

    Does it matter *how* partial a boil it is? My stove cannot heat 5 gallons of water to a least if it can, it can't do it in less than an hour. It can however heat 3 gallons of water to a boil. So if I were to make this recipe using 3 gallons of water in the pot instead of 1...
  6. TVarmy

    Are two stockpots filled to 2.5 gal as good as a full boil?

    After reading about how full boils are better than partial boils, particularly in terms of hops utilization and flavor, I'd really like to take advantage of it. I have an approximately 20 quart stockpot and a 16 quart pressure canner (that can be a pot without the lid, naturally). If I split...