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  1. I

    Airlock not bubbling but specific gravity dropping

    Hey guys, I am new to homebrewing. This is my second real batch. I recently started an oatmeal stout (extract recipe) in primary fermentation. After 24 hours there was no bubbling in the airlock (it's a large three-piece airlock). I put some yeast nutrient in it to encourage it a little. After...
  2. Bria

    Stuck fermentation? Dead yeast? Help!

    Hi all, Just returned home from the holiday break to keg a batch of oatmeal stout. As I was racking into the keg I gave the beer a sniff, and it is way sweet. This used to happen to me all the time with darker beers until a friend and fellow brewer suggested double-yeasting. That cleared up the...
  3. M

    Fixing / Improving a weak batch to a GREAT batch - aka Beer Rescue

    DON'T THROW OUT THAT WEAK BEER!!!! RE-BREW IT! I had fantastic results using this method. I think variations of this method it could work with almost any style, whether all-grain or extract, as long as you use an alcohol-tolerant yeast. I organize group extract brewings in garages, up to 5 or...
  4. Robert Scogins

    Molasses, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal Stout

    Havent brewed yet, just got all the ingredients together. Tweaking the basic Northern Brewer oatmeal stout kit by upping the oats to 1.5lbs, using 13 oz chocolate PB2 powder at 5 min and 8 oz molasses at flameout. Iwill be using 1 oz centennial 10.4 AA. I know I will have to skim the small...
  5. Rainyn

    Fermentation is done but FG is high?

    Hi all! Hoping some experts could help me with my oatmeal stout. I used a "Brewer's Best" Oatmeal Stout kit. This is the first time I've ever used grains. (partial extract and partial grains kit). The instructions that came with the kit here...
  6. frenchoaktv

    Local TV Segment in Brookline, MA on Home Brewing

    Hey all. Just joined this forum and love it already! My name is Ray and I produce a TV show on Brookline (MA) Access Television about local wine, beer & spirits and also maintain a website on the subject at frenchoaktv.com. We've recently got into home brewing and have filmed 3 segments on...