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  1. gleoncavallo

    Mill Table Grist Dust Mitigation

    Howdy All, Just finished a build for my second mill table but was disappointed by the little piles of grist dust that appeared under the table at the end of brew day. This got me thinking about ways to capture more of the grist dust for the mash. Seems like a loss to not try to reclaim this...
  2. sounddoc

    $12.50 for grain mill?

    Marked down from $104...should I pull the trigger? It's shipped from Russia!
  3. beervoid

    Extra fine milling plus rice hulls is higher efficiency?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if milling finer then normal what would lead to better extraction but less efficiency as too finely milled grains can cause a stuck mash. What if one would counter this by adding rice hulls? Would this give a better efficiency in the end? Cheerz
  4. lizardeye

    Opinions on Grain Mills

    I'm looking at new grain mills and I was just looking for opinions as to the quality and ease of use of the Monster Mill, Crankandstein and Grain Crusher. All three are relatively pricey, and I just want to get the most for my money. Discuss>