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  1. teesherv

    Sold Kegerator / Keezer Parts

    So it looks like my whole keezer set up didn't sell, so maybe you just want the parts. Located in Elk Grove (just south of Sacramento), CA. I'm able to ship the CMB tap and manifold and am open to shipping the regulators without the tanks, too. Pics posted in hopefully the same order as the...
  2. gjcourt

    California Kegerator Hardware

    $100 3 - perlick faucets, stainless 4 - 4” shanks, stainless 1 - 4-way gas manifold
  3. D

    Kansas Keezer/Kegerator Materials

    All of these parts are like new. I downgraded my keg system and no longer have a need for them. With this you can turn a deep freeze or refrigerator into a Keggerator. Perfect for somebody who homebrews and wants to take the next step to kegging. I am willing to answer any questions. Bought new...
  4. Beeru

    C02 distributer - one of the six lines not working?

    Hello, I have a strange problem with my C02 lines. I recently updated from a 4 to a 6 keg keezer, and got a new 6 way manifold. For the first couple months everything has been fine, and all the C02 lines have been working. But recently one of the lines (the second in the chain) stopped pushing...
  5. B

    Co2 Manifold

    Four valve Co2 manifold. Comes with two hoses and two gas Ball lock fittings. $25 plus shipping or local pick up. No leaks.
  6. 2

    Which is better, 2 4-way distributors or 1 7-way distributor.

    Hey all, I am just starting out in the world of kegging. I got a CO2 tank, regulator, and 4 pin lock corny kegs from a pal that is 'retiring' for a bit. But no manifold or distributor, so I can only power 1 keg at a time. I have built a collar onto an older chest freezer, have a Johnson...