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  1. Gingerbeardman

    Mangrove Jack Traditional Kit

    Hey, I have recently brewed a Mangrove Jack Lucky Goat Pale Ale (used DME instead of dextroxe, and dry hopped) it turned out quite good, so I thought I would try brewing the Lucid Pils. The instructions say to ferment at 20-25C which is the same instructions for the Pale Ale. This seems quite...
  2. R

    Mangrove Jack's M05 Mead Yeast

    Hi there! I've got a very beginner's question for everyone. I'm just getting into brewing and I am about to start my first batch of mead. I just want to make sure I have everything I need in terms of yeast. I have bought a pack of Mangrove Jack's M05 mead yeast. In my research I've seen it's...
  3. JoshRH

    Lager Lag Times

    So I understand that there is a longer lag time than ales when it comes to lagers, just curious if I should be worried? I pitched my yeast ~50 hours ago from when I took these pictures last night. It is aproaching 65 hours now and and used my airstone and air pump for 20 min to oxygenate prior...