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  1. AbeLogan

    Unhopped Malt Extract WAY after expiration date

    Ok, so I'm not planning to brew with this by any means, but I thought I'd post this just to see what I might expect. I recently started home-brewing again after a 13 year hiatus. I use Mr Beer and I'm happy with it. (Say what you will; it's simple and I like it.) When I pulled out the old...
  2. Sergiy

    Can i use only part of hopped malt extract?

    Hi, i have a beginner question, if i decided to use a hopped malt extract, but i have a small kettle (e.g kettle is 1 gallon and malt extract requires 6). Could i use part of malt extract (by calculate needed proportion, e.g 1/4) for a few times, without any quality losses?