Can i use only part of hopped malt extract?

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Mar 20, 2018
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Hi, i have a beginner question, if i decided to use a hopped malt extract, but i have a small kettle (e.g kettle is 1 gallon and malt extract requires 6). Could i use part of malt extract (by calculate needed proportion, e.g 1/4) for a few times, without any quality losses?
Yes, if you are careful about storing it. Some advocate putting a little vodka in the container and refrigerating. When I used LME, I would just reseal and refrigerate.
If it's in a metal can, I'd pour it into a different container (glass or plastic). The layer of vodka is used to prevent mold from forming on the surface, but that probably won't happen if you refrigerate, anyway, only if you leave it at room temperature.