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  1. RileyOG

    A place to ramble.. VIDEO

    First, my drunken ramble: Post Zombie holocaust self-sufficient homestead farm: "Kids, how many times have I told you, do NOT put walkers on the compost pile." Now my pitch: If you live in Southern California, and you want an Irish night, with LOCAL cider..
  2. 1centered1

    Illinois Oktober Can Seamer For Sale, Used, Chicago Western Suburbs

    Hello! I am new here and this is my first post so please bear with me. I have a can seamer that was purchased in the summer of 2018. Brand: Oktober (Grand Rapids, MI) Model: Mk16v2 Color: White Can End: 360 SuperEnd Power Source: 110v It was originally purchased for $1,731.40 and has had 1...
  3. codysorgenfrey

    Local homebrew shops

    I’ve been hearing lots of stuff about LHBS closing from COVID restrictions. Anyone experiencing this? If so what’re you doing instead? Luckily mine is still going strong. Not sure what I’d do.
  4. B

    Ventura County Homebrewery Supplies?

    Looking for sources in the Ventura County area where I can purchase beer brewing materials/ingredients? Place in Simi Valley closed. Anyone know of any?