Ventura County Homebrewery Supplies?

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Bruce McCunney

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Jun 27, 2018
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Looking for sources in the Ventura County area where I can purchase beer brewing materials/ingredients? Place in Simi Valley closed. Anyone know of any?
Sorry I can't help, Bruce. Just wanted to say hi from a native Venturan, now in WI. Good luck. Have you thought of one of the online sources (I use quite a few, very happy for the most part).
Apparently the old Surf Brewery, now under a different name, has a store on the backside, can't remember the name but something like Ventura Homebrew Store (a real original name like that). Haven't been yet myself.

Otherwise, Simi Valley is your next closest. Good luck!

I'm in ventura as well, mainly buy online and have been happy. More beer is usually 2 day shipping to here. There is a place in Santa Barbara. Havent been yet so no clue what kind of selection they have, but will go check it out soon.

Hit me up if you ever want to brew.
Surf sold and the new guys, Concrete Jungle, were ambivalent about the brew shop so I started up with MoreBeer and haven't looked back. There may be a BS there but haven't looked.

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