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  1. henrikson

    Am I facing bottle bombs?

    I brewed an amber ale recently with 2 friends, our first time using an all-in-one brewing system similar to brewers edge mash & boil. I've done a few stovetop AG batches before, without major problems. However, this time our control over the mash temps was way off. The control panel showed temps...
  2. RumRiverBrewer

    Low SG - What should I do - NB Wee Heavy

    I followed the directions to the "T" for this big brew, and just racked to secondary after 2 weeks in primary. I used Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale - the fermentation started gradual and was normal over 2 weeks, at about 66 deg F. The OG was 1.075. Checking the SG when racking it was 1.034. Does...
  3. D

    Will my bottles explode?

    I made a westy 12 clone that I allowed to ferment a month in the primary and lagered it for two months. OG was 1.099 and predicted FG was ~1.025. However, as I prepared to bottle it I measured the FG and it was 1.042. The fermentation had gotten stuck before and I had restarted it by racking...