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  1. J

    Grow your own Hops - Backyard Hops Trellis Design

    So you want to grow your own hops, huh? The long and short of it is that the things grow as fast as bamboo and need constant management from April to September. Still want to grow hops? Awesome, here's one way to set up a small backyard hops garden that yielded almost a pound of wet hops, in...
  2. Eric Carbobiach

    My Hop Is Dying?

    Hello, everyone! About 4 months ago my hop (cascade rhizome) started to grow. Was a good and fast grow, with a beautiful plant. But, about 3 or 4 weeks ago my hop started to show some disease. There are a lot of leafs with this problem: it starts to dry on the corners, then die. This is...
  3. Northern_Brewer

    Making babies 4 times a year

    Disentangling photoperiod from hop vernalization and dormancy for global production and speed breeding Bauerle, W.L. Sci Rep 9, 16003 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41598-019-52548-0 "Photoperiod is known to interact with temperature to control flowering in hops. Studies have stipulated that resting...
  4. kh54s10

    Southern hops growers - heat tolerant hop varieties?

    I live in east coast central Florida. I am thinking of starting 2 or 3 varieties of hops. From those of you that have grown hops in a hot climate, what has worked? Which to avoid? I see that Cascade is heat and alkaline tolerant and one of my favorites so that might be one. Suggestions?
  5. nagmay

    New hop varieties

    We may be entering a new renaissance when it comes to hop varieties! As many of you know, I have my own experimental breeding program going on - but, I'm also always interested to learn about any new hops entering the market. So, I thought I'd start up a thread to document new one as they...
  6. bovine_OB

    Anybody harvesting hops yet?

    Northern Neb has seen an unusually high amount of precipitation this year, and has been moderately warm (80s-90s) but nothing extreme. This past week I have been noticing quite a few Cascade cones starting to brown, the lupulin is darkening, and the leafy portion of the cone is...
  7. eustacesk

    Where to plant hops in high heat relative to the sun(Dallas/Ft Worth)

    Hey i have a first season cascade plant that needs to be transplanted elsewhere. I feel like the only/best spot is to run it on the side of my house. It is mostly south/slightly west facing and would receive sun pretty much from sunup-sundown. What i am most concerned about is the late afternoon...
  8. P

    First-Timer Questions

    I'm planning on buying some rhizomes for the first time. I've got a garden in my back yard that's almost perfect...a tall tree on one side (and a soon-to-be-pole on the other). I've got a couple questions, though. I think I want to get 1 Mt. Hood, and 1 Magnum rhizome. Is there any...