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  1. tneary

    Sold [LI/NY] SWEP Plate Chiller (NOS) - $40

    SWEP 14 plate chiller model B5Hx14/1P-SC-S Plate Chiller Refrigerant Heat Exchanger. 1/2" NPT threads. Standard Camlock and QD 1/2" threads would screw in. New Old Stock. I had this for quite some time and Never used it. located on Long Island - $40 Willing to ship at buyers expense...
  2. Climb

    Using a Counter Flow Chiller as a heat exchanger for mash temperature control

    Just doing some brainstorming on how to reduce brewing equipment or have a device perform multiple functions. Along this line of thought; has anyone used a Counter Flow Chiller (CFC) or a plate chiller as a heat exchanger for mash temperature control instead of a HERMS coil or RIMS setup? It...
  3. R

    Help with calculations for counterflow chiller

    Hello everyone! Hope everything is going well. So i have been trying to design a counterflow chiller that can cool 15 gallons of boiling wort to yeast pitching temperatures (around 16 degrees celsius or 60.8F) in as little time as possible. What i am trying to figure out is how long the chiller...
  4. J

    Between Brews: DIY HLT and Heat Exchanger

    I have been using a combo HLT/heat exchanger since I added HERMS (Heat Exchanger Recirculating Mash System) to my original gravity feed brew rig. A friend had an old keg and wanted something just like mine so I offered to do the conversion for him, essentially duplicating my original build. I...
  5. stouttanksandkettles

    ****HOT-AND-IN-STOCK Products for the Holidays!!*** Brew Like a Pro with Stout Tanks equipment

    The quality of your brewing equipment matters, and is directly related to the quality of beer you create. Your craft beer deserves the best environment you can give it. Gain more control over your brewing process, get more consistent flavors, and bring the authentic "pro" brewing experience...
  6. jgmillr1

    Copper brazed stainless heat exchanger question

    Sorry if this is a dumb and obvious question but I figured I'd rather get confirmation and than copper poisoning. Spent the last hour unsuccessfully googling for the answer. I called the manufacturer but was not able to get through to anyone. I bought a 30-plate wort 304 stainless heat...