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  1. Wreck99

    Carolina Malt House

    I just reached out to Carolina Malt House ( in NC and they offer base malts at $1.00/lb in 50lb quantities, so basically $50/sack for 2-row, pils, munich, vienna, oats, etc. Their Carolina 2-row sounds like a Golden Promise, so that's a nice cost savings if you are close. I'm...
  2. FloppyKnockers

    Texas Free grains - pick up only

    Yep! Free grains. I have lots of specialty grains that I would not be able to use in a lifetime and are free for the taking. I have about 40lbs each of the following available. Crystal 10 Crystal 60 Crystal 90 Victory/Biscuit Special B Wheat Pick up only around Fort Worth, TX. I will not ship...
  3. E

    Sprouted grains

    I've found a source for sprouted millet. And I'm wondering if anyone knows if sprouted millet would be equal to malted millet, or a pale millet malt? I malt my own millet at home and I know that you have to sprout millet so the shoot is about double the length of the grain. And I don't know at...
  4. luis.salas

    Unmalted grains: where to buy them?

    Common grains, sold in the supermarket, work well for brewing with unmalted grains/adjuncts? Or those sold in brewery stores have something special? Thanks!
  5. M

    Hello from County Kerry, Ireland

    Hi there, My name is Mary-Thea and I'm from a small town called Castleisland in County Kerry, Ireland. I am looking for some help, please!! I googled "homebrewers forum" and Homebrew Talk was the first on the list. I hope you don't mind me bursting in here with a slightly different angle...
  6. Wreck99

    Charlotte Area (Rock Hill, SC - Carolina Brew Supply) Grain Buy #2

    Partnering with Anthony at Carolina Brew Supply again for Charlotte Area's Group Buy #2! The first one was very successful and we want to thank everyone who participated for your support. This time we had to adjust the prices a little to account for the LHBS's shipping costs and taxes...
  7. V

    Adding Body But Not Color

    I am tweaking a DIPA (NEIPA style) recipe and really looking to stay as close to straw yellow as possible but can't seem to do so with my steeping grains. Currently my bill is: 6 lb Pilsner DME 1 lb Bavarian Wheat DME 1.5 lb Flaked Oats 0.5 lb Carapils 0.2 lb Crystal 20 I am getting 5 SRM on...
  8. Wreck99

    Grain Dispensers

    Anyone know where to find something like this for a "reasonable price"? I am toying with the idea of getting a few of these for grain storage.
  9. Brewfawx

    What to do with spent grains?

    Hey all, Im looking for something to do to repurpose my spent grains after brew day. I dont have livestock or chickens, so is there anything I can do with my grains? Fawx
  10. TheFreeman

    Malts - Explanation

    Hi, So basically I am trying to experiment with, kits, mini mash. I am browsing my locals suppliers website and going over all the Malts. One thing I have noticed is the % suggested. Example Chocolate Malt is around 5%. What does this 5% exactly mean? I was going to add 1KG to a Coopers Stout...
  11. Wreck99

    Charlotte Area (Rock Hill, SC - Carolina Brew Supply) Grain Buy #1

    New to the area, looking to buy a couple sacks of grain on the cheap. Are there any groups in the area? I participated in a couple of Philly ones before and they were great! The LHBS prices here for grains are high.
  12. N

    What kind of beer is this???

    Hey! I brewed some beer last night. I made it from partial kit I was given and part left over grains. Here are the ingredients: 3.3 lbs Amber Liquid Extract 2 lbs Light Dry Extract .5 lbs Rice Extract Syrup .56 lbs Pale Malt 2 Row .25 lbs Chocolate Malt .5 oz Saaz (60 mins) 1 pkg...