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  1. H

    5 Gallon Glass Carboy

    5 gallon glass carboy. Used it as both a primary and secondary for beer. Comes with carboy cap. $40 + shipping.
  2. James Oermann

    Bottles and carboy, central Missouri

    I have a fairly large collection of Mexican Coke bottles of heavy glass, 355 ml (around 50) along with a 5 gal glass Mex. made carboy, and odd brown bottles - 12 oz as well. $25 for carboy and $0.25 per bottle.
  3. MaxStout

    Minnesota Propane burner, glass carboys, O2 regulator, stainless mesh dry hop tubes

    [Deleted by author]
  4. aBlankExpression

    Questions from a Novice Mead Maker

    Hi I've been making mead now for six months now and had some questions about the process. Residual Sugars I am looking to make a Hydromel, information online suggest there is success using s-04 yeast. People also recommend with that when using this yeast use a starting gravity of 1.040 but the...
  5. B

    Small Kombucha Advice

    Hey, I've been wanting to start a small kombucha business, however I'm only experienced in making very small batches of kombucha and I need some advice on what equipment I need in order to make enough to sell at a small farmers' market. Right now for personal consumption, I use one 2 gal glass...
  6. O

    5 gallon glass Mason jar cleaning after used for pocket change feasible?

    Hey is it worth cleaning and installing an airlock to a 5 gallon glass container for homebrewing after it's been half full of pennies? Is it possible to remove residue entirely using bleach, vinegar, soap, and elbow grease? Keep in mind the pennies were thrown in, potentially scratching the...
  7. grandstand

    BOGO Sale! Get FREE glassware with an Apparel Order

    Grandstand is currently running a Buy-One Get-One promotion. Order a minimum of 72 select apparel items, and get 72 FREE one-color pint glasses! Place a larger apparel order, get MORE free glassware. Plus, more glass styles, like Belgian or Revival, to choose from. Legitimize your Homebrew club...
  8. Breuckelen

    Anyone know?

    Does anyone know the outside diameter of a glass, 6.5 gallon acid carboy in inches? These are the only ones to my knowledge with smooth sides (unlike the ridged Italian 6 gallon jobs). I plan to buy one by need to be sure everything fits in my fermentation set-up. Any help is greatly appreciated!