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  1. T

    Help for new brewer please!!! (Wheat beer)

    Before I start, I am very new to this. This is my 3rd ever brew, 1st being without a kit... So I've just started my latest brew - 1.8kg of Wilko limited edition Wheat Beer extract, 1kg brewing sugar, 500g light DME, 20 litres of water. Regular temp between 19-20C. OG was 1.046 and its been...
  2. J

    Will finings affect bottle carbonation?

    Hi, I’m currently planning to brew a European lager. I will be adding finings at the end of the boil but I was also considering adding finings at the end of the fermentation prior to racking. I was hoping this would achieve a clearer end product. I am worried that the finings added at the...
  3. C

    Isinglass in non-pressurized Fermentasaurus

    Hi folks, First time posting here. I brew canned beer kits in a non pressurized Fermentasaurus at around 21-22 degrees C. I bought a little pouch of Isinglass for my next brew to make the beer more clear. I normally leave my brew in the tank for 14 days emptying the collection bottle on day 7...
  4. D

    Beaverdale Shiraz won’t clear

    I’m making a batch of Beaverdale Shiraz. I’ve followed the instructions to the letter, but 5 days after adding the finings there is no sign of the winę clearing. I’ve never had this issue before with previous kits. Do I keep waiting, as it honestly doesn’t look like it has started clearing, or...
  5. DaveyP

    Fining Fining

    Hey All, I'm likely going to add isinglass to my brew, but as I'm about to rack to the secondary carboy I was wondering if it's ok to add the agent while doing a dry hop? Will the agent reduce the flavors from the dry hop? Should I dry hop first, then add the isinglass? How many days should I...
  6. beervoid

    Kettle finings and the effect on mouthfeel. A little vs a lot.

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has ever noticed any substantial difference in mouthfeel when brewing a high adjunct (oat, wheat) beer when using whirlfloc or irish moss in the kettle. I was also wondering if using very little whirlfloc would drop out less proteins. Cheers
  7. Dice_Boken

    Adding Finings After Ferm/Before Bottling?

    I've got an Amber ale that's been in the fermenting bucket for about 2 1/2 weeks and I'm thinking about bottling at the three week mark. I don't have a carboy to do a secondary but I would like to get the batch as clear as I can. Can I add some fining agents during the bottling process to help...
  8. B

    Gelatin fining

    Hi All- My first post, but I've been a lurker for a few months. I'm on my 5th batch (What Hoppened?-a verry hoppy IPA) and would lke to clarify it in the secondary. The SG is down to 1014 from 1060 (target of 1010-1012). I'm thinking about moving it to the secondary and adding gelatin to get it...