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    Spunding valve or blowoff tube?

    I always try to defer to people with more experience in matters…so I’ll ask this forum. I’d like to start fermenting under pressure, but I’m concerned my spunding valve might get full of crud with an active fermentation. Does this happen? Am I overthinking this? Is it okay if it does? I’ve...
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    Cheaper than a Glycol setup for Fermentation Temp Control?

    After checking the prices of a glycol chiller (eg: Grainfather) and as an engineer that likes to build things, I built a fermentation temp controller using a 200L 120cm tall fridge, a STC-1000, an aquarium pump and some vinyl tubing. The temp sensor for the fermenter is inside the fermenter...
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    Craft The Perfect Draft - Control Your Temperature

    When I look back and think about all the hours I've spent reading about beer brewing over the years I can't believe there's still something out there that I haven't tried incorporating into my brewing process yet. One year my push was into brewing all grain, one year was all about yeast...