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  1. BryggAnton

    Adding Dextrin during fermentation

    Hi folks! I'm 1 week in to the fermentation on my big extract stout. And now i wounder if i can add some dextrin directly in to my fermentation vessel, or is it too late? I'm planning on kegging it in 2-3weeks from now.
  2. H

    Have you ever: Water tank fermenter

    I've got a bit of an odd shaped fermentation chamber (chest style, big hump in the middle) and the only 10G rig i've found that will fit in it is this guy...
  3. J

    For Sale: Home brew kit plus extras

    Mash tun, HT,LT with thermo, transfer bucket, fermentation bucket, 2 Pepsi keg's with quick connects, burner, wort chiller, cleaning items and bottle rack, extra growlers and seals. Co2 canister with gages. These items are all new and have not been used , besides the Pepsi keg's. All are 1/4...
  4. T

    Fermentation Questions (Smell & Temperature)

    Hey all, I have some questions regarding the fermentation process. I recently bought a starter kit with two 30liter buckets, along with a very easy kit from BrewFerm. The 12 liters of what will hopefully become a good English IPA are now sitting in the corner of my room, but a yeasty/sour smell...
  5. snarf7

    Adding Spigot to Fermentation Bucket

    Since a lot is made of oxidation and possible contamination in the fermenter, does it make any sense to add a spigot to the fermentation bucket so I can measure gravity without opening it up? I haven't run into any problems so far but it would make this easier. Usually what I do now is just let...