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    Mangrove Jack's M05 Mead Yeast

    Hi there! I've got a very beginner's question for everyone. I'm just getting into brewing and I am about to start my first batch of mead. I just want to make sure I have everything I need in terms of yeast. I have bought a pack of Mangrove Jack's M05 mead yeast. In my research I've seen it's...
  2. B

    Fermaid K in beer

    For this batch I used Fermaid K in my beer. I added it 15 min prior to the end of the boil. I haven’t read about anyone doing this so I wanted to know if its at all beneficial or it could of messed something up?
  3. M

    SNA Confusion

    I purchased everything I would need to start my first mead, a 1 gallon traditional dry mead, a couple months ago, some stuff came up and it got pushed back. I started researching SNA again to refresh my memory and it's got to be one of the hardest things to research. Most articles seem to be...