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  1. Bertramhage

    Methods to increase yield of low-yield apples?

    I have some apples that yields quite a low amount of juice compared to other ones. Does anyone have experience with ways to increase the juice yield of such apples. Have been considering freezing them or using a coarser cloth. (I’m currently using a regular grater mill and basket press)
  2. ja_in_NJ

    Range Hood in the brew space

    Hi Everyone, I got the green light from the COO (my wife) to use a storage room for my brew space. I found a Viking 460CFM range hood for sale in the local classifieds and I'm looking for people's experience with this as a way to vent the room. I have a 7Gal robobrew right now and I'm curious...
  3. frankvw

    Steeping grains in wort vs. water: extraction efficiency vs. tannins

    After having had several bad results (strong tannin flavors and harsh bitterness) with steeping grains in our local tap water, I've tried to steep in wort instead. While I'm now not getting any tannin flavors and nasty bitter notes anymore, I'm also not getting a decent extraction efficiency...
  4. BandonBrewingCo

    Bad batch of malt?

    Hi, 2 brews I've now done with the same bag of pre-crushed pilsner have come out 33% under the mark extraction wise, even though i mashed in at a low temp and always up until now hit my numbers (and have done previously with 95% pilsner malt). It's from the same crowd as usual and the crush...