Methods to increase yield of low-yield apples?

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Apr 1, 2020
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I have some apples that yields quite a low amount of juice compared to other ones. Does anyone have experience with ways to increase the juice yield of such apples.
Have been considering freezing them or using a coarser cloth.

(I’m currently using a regular grater mill and basket press)
By "regular grater mill" do you mean a grinder that pulps the apples before pressing? If not, I'd look into that.
Did you “sweat” the apples for a few weeks baby letting them sit out and slightly soften? Pressing a fresh picked hard apple can often lead to a lower yield.
Depending on your basket press the portion of apples at the bottom is probably getting more juice pressed out of them than the portion on top. Once you've done a pressing you can reload the press with the stuff that was previously on top now on the bottom. You may get a little extra that way.

More than one trip through the mill might help a little.

I've noticed that some apples just will not give up much juice.
Thank you for all the replys. I ended up doing a test by placing one in the freezer, thawing it and trying to squeeze it through a cloth, however, it did not seem to increase the yield, rather the opposite. I pressed them like I did the others, grinded them to a pulp and pressing in the basket press. The apples had been sweating beforehand until slightly soft. I guess some apples you just don’t get very much from.
Just curious, what is your yield of juice that is considered "low yield"? Also, adding Pectinase and letting the pulp sit in a covered bucket for 24 hours or longer seems to increase yield for me.
I also have a simple basket press and my juice yeilds seem low to me, but I get apples cheap enough that I don't really worry about it.
I get about 2.5 gallons per bushel. Sometimes I add a few gallons of water to a 5 gallon bucket of lightly pressed pomace and let it sit for 24 hrs and then press to make a "second run" juice. The second run sometimes has decent sugar levels but definitely less flavor. It all depends what you are starting with. Sometimes I blend it with the first run, boil it down to increase flavor and ABV or use it in as a mead or beer ingredient.
My understanding is that a basket press doesn't give a great yield. There aren't enough "channels" for the juice to flow through or something.

But they are (relatively) cheap, easy to set up and they can be made compact.

I looked into a bladder press and the cost was astronomical.

I got between 1.5-2.25 gallons out of forty pounds of apples in the basket press.

With some apples I got a pretty good yield by pureeing them in the food processor and squeezing the pulp through muslin. But this only worked with certain eating apple varieties.