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  1. rycardo

    Keg doubts - Beer Spoiled

    Hello everyone, I‘m planning to buy a keg and use it to storage some triples for couple of monthes. What do you think about this, will be the beer stored in a Keg fresher and with more validity comparing with a beer stored in bottles? From your experience, if I start drinking a beer from a Keg...
  2. tacomaguy20

    Are these still ingredients still good to use?

    Hi guys, I used to make mostly wine and cider quite a few years back (about 8 to 10) and I got really busy and stopped. Now I'm looking to start back up and still have quite a bit of ingredients/additives. I was wondering if I should toss everything and start over or are some things still okay...
  3. AbeLogan

    Unhopped Malt Extract WAY after expiration date

    Ok, so I'm not planning to brew with this by any means, but I thought I'd post this just to see what I might expect. I recently started home-brewing again after a 13 year hiatus. I use Mr Beer and I'm happy with it. (Say what you will; it's simple and I like it.) When I pulled out the old...
  4. T

    Expired Yeast Taste & Smell

    I've seen multiple posts that expired yeast can still be good past its expiration date, but not too many on how the yeast should taste and smell. What should healthy yeast smell and taste like, and how to know if its gone bad? I have 2 packages of the white labs purepitch yeast, packaged mar...