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  1. J

    JAOM adopted to other fruits? Blackberry Vanilla Mead.

    I’ve made Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead recipe several times and I’m a huge fan of how simple it is. I’ve dressed it up just a bit (prestarting the yeast and using yeast nutrient in place of the raisins) but after three gallons of orange spice over the last six months I gotta say I’m a little sick...
  2. N

    Requesting feedback on Vintner's Harvest fruit purees

    I am considering trying to make some wine. I also like making jams and jellies. I was at the local brew shop a few days ago and they had these gallon cans of something called Vintner's Harvest fruit purees. Two of them caught my eye: Elderberry and red currant. I searched all this summer...
  3. Brian McCormack

    Making an Elderberry, got tips?

    I'm still new to the brewing scene and experimenting and my fiance would love an elderberry mead to try. I tossed this together, seemed fairly standard to me. Curious if I should add more berries to get that flavor out or if 1lb is fine for a 1G batch. I'm considering adding a cinnamon stick...
  4. Scientific hippie

    SG for newbies

    OK, I am confused again, despite having acquired some books. I siphoned my elderberry wine from concentrate at an SG of 0.990 the the other day according to the recipe; because I didn't realize that fermentation had stopped naturally, I added a packet of Montrachet, which quickly fell to the...
  5. Scientific hippie

    What yeast do you recommend for a dry elderberry wine?

    I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my wine kit so that I can practice making elderberry wine with canned and dried berries before my own shrubs mature next year. The kit comes with "wine yeast," with no further description. I have found some recipes from a Texas winemaker that call for...