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  1. jm2k

    Preparing for Oktoberfest

    Pretty new to brewing, have only done a few IPAs until now and I'd like to do a back-to-back brew starting this weekend for an Oktoberfest party. I'm thinking a Hefeweizen and a Dunkweizen to suit a range of tastes, so I ordered some ingredients from my LHBS. Based on what I've ordered, my...
  2. Ridonkulous05

    Will this work?: Simplified.

    All, 10 gal. Grain bill: (all German Weyermann malts): 8.8 Lbs. (4 kg) Munich malt 8.8 Lbs. (4 kg) Wheat malt, Dark 4.4 Lbs. (2 kg) Rye malt (for a zesty, rye 'zing', but also may provide enzymatic help... question below...) 2.2 Lbs. (1 kg) Caramel Wheat malt Q#1: Will this mix...
  3. mwilliams72707

    How Long is too Long??

    I brewed a Dunkelweizen a at the tail end of October. I'm sure I did everything right until bottling... It was moved into a secondary fermenter after a week or so in the primary fermentor, only I STILL HAVEN"T Bottled it!!!... Is it bad... It looks fine... hasn't been exposed to light. I don't...