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  1. inkbird

    INKBIRD‘s Deal of the Week

    Deal of the Week:bigmug: IAM-T1 Air Quality Monitor - 42% OFF IBS-TH3-WIFI - 50% OFF IBS-TH3-PLUS WIFI - 50% OFF IBS-P01R - 30% OFF IHC-200 - 20% OFF Portable Radon Meter (Black)- 24% OFF Portable Radon Meter (White)- 24% OFF ITC-306T+NTC Probe - 30% OFF ITC-306T-WIFI+NTC Probe - 33% OFF...
  2. pat_carnig

    For Sale Complete E-Herms 3 Vessel setup w/control panel (Twin Cities, MN). Everything you need to brew!

    I am selling a complete E-HERMS home brewery setup, all tri-clamp connections. Sink, table and Exhaust Fan/Hood not included. Electric Brewing Supply fully electric 30A PID control panel with 2 5500LWD heating elements and 3 temperature probes. 3 15 gallon kettles with fully custom welded...
  3. Brewers Hardware

    Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday @ Brewers Hardware

    We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family! :bott: Our Black Friday gift card deal is live now through Cyber Monday! Free $10 gift card with orders between $100-$250 Free $30 gift card with orders between $250-$500 Free $75 gift card with orders over $500...
  4. Nate R

    Free 4-pack of canned starter wort MoreBeer

    I would assume almost all of you are on the email chains like I am, but just in case.. Free Propper Starter (4-Pack) On Orders Over $60! (Offer Expires 8/16) We fell in love with Propper Starter from the first time we used one and bet you will too! That's why "starting" (pun...
  5. I

    Ithaca Homebrew Sale- 25% OFF

    Ithaca Coffee Company located in downtown Ithaca at 311 E. Green St., Ithaca NY 14850 is offering 25% off all Homebrew items.
  6. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    $149.99 Four Packs of 5 Gallon Kegs at Canuck Homebrew Supply!

    On Sale Now on Canuck Homebrew Supply, $149.99 for a Four Pack of 5 Gallon Stubby Ball Lock Kegs! There will be keg accessories going on sale as well, so why not get yourself set up? While you're there, don't forget to check out our new Watermelon Taps! Serve up some refreshing...
  7. B

    10% Off Custom Caps at

    THIS OFFER EXPIRED ON OCTOBER 15. WHO WE ARE: BottleMark was designed by homebrewers for homebrewers. We wanted our own custom bottle caps to keep our batches straight, and so we became the first and only makers of digitally printed caps. That means you get one low price, no minimum orders, no...
  8. poley

    75qt Cooler for $30 -- good deal?

    (edited -- got confused between 75 can and 75 quart. i'm pretty sure it's 58qt, 75 can) Hi all, I found a 58qt coleman on sale for $30 tonight at Wal-Mart. It had the spigot on one end with a depression inside leading to the spigot hole. 1. Is this a decent style cooler to make a mash/lauter...