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  1. Gallagher1424

    Imperial Pumpkin Milk Stout Critique

    This is my first time making a milk stout, and using pumpkin. I'm not sure what to expect if this will end up being too sickeningly sweet or if it will hit the money just being slightly sweet. Anyone out there make something similar in the past? (I plan to roast the pumpkin first and then put...
  2. X

    First Recipe, need critique Winter Warmer

    Morning! This is the first recipe that I built completely from the ground up and would like some advice. I am going for a Winter Warmer style that has a deep red to mahogany color, so not entirely black. Flavor should have some malt sweetness with caramel and raisin notes as well as some...
  3. Anthonie

    Brown ale recipe in progress

    anyone have some advice or critiques of this brown ale recipe? For some reason I can’t seem to get it quite right so I revamped the entire recipe nd want to know if you all think it’ll be drinkable to the generic brown ale lover. 3 gallons Mash @ 153 for 60min 60 minute boil Fermented three...
  4. Tpost704

    Who has brewed Biermuncher's Centenial Blonde?

    I recently posted about brewing a 5 gallon BIAB batch of Biermuncher's centenial blonde. I was curious about mash additions, but the responses consisted of tweaks I should make to the recepie such as dropping the carapils and moving hop additions around. My question is how many people have...
  5. T

    Critique? Belgian Saison Partial Mash

    Trying to keep as close to the style as possible. Added a little acidulated malt for flavor rather than PH. I have been using Deathbrewers stovetop partial mash method. Mash at 155 for 45 min. Sparge at 170 for 20. This gave me a 75% efficiency last time, but set this up at 70 for good luck...
  6. SteinBrew

    Recipe Critique - Dos Cerebros IPA

    I am working on a new IPA recipe and I'm curious to hear any feedback before the brew. I think it will be tasty as is, however, I always learn new things when people critique my recipes. Thanks! Dos Cerebros IPA Stats: Recipe type - All-grain Batch size - 10 gal. Mash efficiency - 80%...
  7. I

    Irish Red Ale Recipe Critique

    Hi all, Thanks in advance to anyone that has some recommendations. :mug: This is the first Irish Red Recipe I've made, so I'm all ears. Irish Red - Irish Red Ale ================================================================================ Batch Size: 5.250 gal Boil Size: 6.375...
  8. SteinBrew

    IBA Recipe Critique

    I am working on a new all-grain IBA recipe for a 10 gallon batch. I've never brewed an IBA, so I would love to hear any feedback from those more knowledgeable and experienced than myself. Thank you in advance for any shared insight! Stats: Mash efficiency - 73% Pre-boil - 1.055 OG - 1.059...