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  1. B

    Purging headspace when bottling

    Am about to bottle a NEIPA for the first time and I understand that a lot of people have issues with oxidation. After some reading I'm convinced that purging the headspace after filling the bottle of O2 is a good way of extending the shelf life. I'll be bottle priming as I don't have any kegging...
  2. Iowa Brewer

    First Keg Day! It's Spraying everywhere!

    Hey all, So excited! Kegging for the first time, today, and in my new keezer I built, to boot. I have 3 beers (wit, English, Vienna lager) and 1 keg of water. When I pushed the pressure point in on the liquid nodule (my pin locks don't have a separate vent), water sprayed straight up in the...
  3. KarlKrook

    CO2 Purge for bottle condition

    Hi guys! Can’t find any good information anywhere or any good equipment besides this, which I can’t get shipped to where I live: Anyone know any similar piece of equipment or DIY solution that will work with the 425g CO2 cylinders (sodastream) that...