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  1. neovalk

    Clareamento de hidromel com cítricos (laranja, limão)?

    Opa pessoal! Eu reparei um fenômeno engraçado nos meus experimentos com hidromel. Notei que quando eu faço um hidromel "purinho", só água e mel, o mosto fica bastante turvo mesmo com o fim da fermentação. Se eu não quiser esperar meses para decantar tudo, preciso usar bentonita para clarear...
  2. Aróchito

    Dry hopping cider with Saaz hop Pellets

    Hey folks, does anyone have experience dry hopping cider with Saaz hops? thanks
  3. anteater8

    American IPA Citrus Pine Tropical Dank

    This West Coast IPA is designed to taste just how I like them - crisp with a smooth bitterness and a hop saturated flavor & aroma balanced with equal parts citrus, pine, tropical fruit and dankness. Specs: 6 gallons O.G. = 1.070 F.G. = 1.012 ABV = 7.6% Grain Bill: 7.5 lb 2 Row (46%) 7.5 lb...
  4. A

    Cider House select 'flavor enhancers': hopped citrus, review

    (couldn't find any reviews of these -- found one old related thread that was DIY: ) Cider House select has a (new?) line of 'flavor enhancers', really just herb infusion packs. I sampled the "hopped citrus...
  5. JimE

    American Strong Ale Tropical American Strong Ale

    I brewed this 2.5 weeks ago, and kegged and force carbonated it tonight. I'm very happy with how it turned out. It should get better conditioning in the next 2 weeks. I hope that there is some left by then. If this were lighter and cloudy, it could be a NEIPA If you have any recommendations...