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  1. T

    Made it Up as I Went with Green Tea Beer recipe - Is it any good?

    I had the inspiration to concoct a tea beer recipe from scratch after watching a youtube video that suggested to avoid green tea due to it giving off too much bitterness (). My previous batch made from scratch with Vanilla beans, Honey, and butternut Squash had great results except for too high...
  2. Wil Prim

    Calculate Original Gravity when adding water to batch after chilling wort

    I am trying to calculate what the original gravity of my brew will be taking into account the fact that I will be adding water to my batch before pitching the yeast to top off up to 5 gallons. The formula I have been using from the How To Brew book I am reading by John Palmer is: mass of...
  3. C

    Calculate ABV when adding fermentables in Secondary

    Hi, I've been searching online forums to find a good answer for this question: I know how to calculate ABV in a routine beer batch. What I can't figure out is what to do with my math if I add additional sugar (honey, agave, etc.) when I transfer to the secondary. If I start at 1.055 and then...
  4. B


    Hello, I recently brewed a wit and am concerned that it has not fermented properly. A number of factors, or a combination of factors, may be the culprit. However, there is considrable debate that the batch may actually be ok. please help shed some light on the situation! the jury is still...