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    Burton Ale Yeast WLP023

    I brewed a British IPA with the following ingredients: 24 lb Maris Otter 1 lb Crystal 60L 6 oz Chocolate Malt 3 oz Challenger (6%) 60 min 2 oz Challenger 15 min 1 oz Challenger 5 min WLP023 in 2L starter 24 hours prior, pitched at 68F Measured OG 1.064 Fermented at 67F for 3 weeks in conical...
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    Burton ale (wlp023) for a belgian tripel?

    Hi everybody! I'm planning to brew a tripel aged (in secondary) with aok cubes soaked in appel brandy. I want the green apple flavour to be fully present. Thats why I try to work with ingredients that has this particular apple flavour profile. Therefore, I chose Calypso for hop and I'm also...