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  1. #p3brews

    All Grain Brew Issues

    Last week I brewed my first all grain batch. 40 lbs of grain mostly 2 row. I had 30 gallons of water and ended up with 15 gal in fermentors. There are 2 things i need to know. 1. What is this protein looking glub that formed in my wort and how do i avoid? 2. How can i be more efficient and...
  2. B

    Brew with Shegogue Part 2

    We last left off by adapting a known recipe to our brewing system. Recipe setup can be done at anytime, but I see a lot of benefits for completing this stage of the process a week or more ahead of time. I think we have all had those impromptu brewdays that ended up having many types of, shall I...
  3. Greg Campion

    Looking for feeback

    Hi Everyone, I've been working on some brewing software with a few friends of mine the past few years and we have a version that's working for building recipes and getting brew day directions. It's totally free and is currently in beta at the moment. We'd really appreciate any feedback...
  4. tofumanchu

    In Defense of the Humble Keezer Collar

    After a hiatus of about 20 years, I decided to get back into homebrewing. I had a great time reminiscing about past brew days while pulling out the old gear. It was about then that I looked at the bottling bucket, capper, and cases of bottles and immediately remembered one of the reasons I...
  5. BrewersJourney

    Documenting my brew days

    I've been writing blog posts about the different homebrews I've made so far and it's actually become quite the list! If you're interested please do take a look. I include the recipes as well so maybe you'll find something that sounds good to you too! :) Homebrewing a Belgian Table Beer...
  6. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Northern Brewer Zombie Dirt – Cloning a Clone for 30% less

    I stopped brewing kits a while ago. When a view requested I brew up a batch of Zombie Dirt. After thinking about it I figured it would be cheaper to pick up the ingredients at my LHBS for less. Full details on the cost breakdown are available on my website...
  7. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    15 Minute Kitchen Sink Hoppy Wheat Brew Day and Recipe

    Having run out of home brew, and the triticale IPA not being ready yet, I decided to brew a small batch. I used what DME I had in the closet and a lot of Centennial hops to see what I could brew. In all the brew day was sonly 2 hours not including the 20 minutes I spent cleaning up the kettle...
  8. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Brewing a Triticale IPA from the 9/17 issue of BYO Magazine

    I had been wanting to brew the Triticale IPA recipe from the September issue of BYO magazine. I finally had a chance to do that over the weekend. I had to modify the recipe slightly since I brew partial mash batches. Here is the recipe I came up with...