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  1. engborg

    For Sale Unibrau 240v EZBoil 5500w system + Grainfather GF30 jacketed conical fermenter

    Selling this either together or separately. All you need for a complete all-grain brewing and fermenting system. Unibrau system: $800 Grainfather GF30: $400 Together: $1000 Edit: Located in Los Angeles. Prefer local meetup as both of them are beasts to ship - size-wise and probably monetarily.
  2. Rik van den berg

    UniBrau 20 Gallon system - Brew Day and Questions

    My first brew on my 20G Unibrau was a 5 gallon pale ale. I was trying to get my feet wet without running the risk of effin' up 10 gallons of beer. I Pretty much winged my way through it. I "graduated" from a 3 vessel system with plastic coolers and a keggle so this one vessel setup it still...
  3. N

    For Sale Complete 10G Electric Unibrau Setup

    You won't find a better deal for an entire electric setup for brewing, fermenting, bottling AND kegging! Also included is a kegerator and a temp controlled fermentation chamber. The setup is 100% complete and can get you brewing today - literally has everything you need. Im sadly giving up...
  4. B

    Single Vessel Brewing Systems Pt1 - Overview

    Homebrewing is a hobby that can be as complicated or as simple as you want it. And homebrewers are likewise varied in what aspects they enjoy most. There are those that are just out to do something different than the norm, those that love to build and create sophisticated custom brewing systems...