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  1. J

    2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig, All-Grain Method --> Recipe size and type??BIAB?

    Hoping I can get some clarification into the new brewing rig that I recently built and setup. I will be using an all grain method. Here are some specifications: 2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig: Two 15G Vessels - (1) contains the 5500W heating element (BK, HLT) and the other (2) operates as a...
  2. Washington_Brewologist

    Batch #10 Pale Ale... I need some input on my recipe choices!

    This will be my 10th batch and I'm trying to brew up a really tasty hop bursted APA. I also took my first stab at creating a recipe based on all of the stuff I've learned over the last 3 or 4 months. I'm wondering if you guys think Simcoe would work as a good bittering hop in this recipe? If you...
  3. H

    Beginner 1 gallon/5L Mosaic SMASH IPA

    Hey guys, I am new to brewing. I have brewed one IPA before from a recipe pack but this time I wanted to do a smash because I want to learn the flavors of the hops and malts that go in it. As this is a experiment I wanted to do a small batch so if it does not turn out good I wont be too sad...
  4. A

    First BIAB (first all grain) Schwarzbier. Tons of questions (RO water, hops ...)

    I have almost all my equipment gathered and will try to brew next weekend. However, the more I try to be ready the more unanswered questions I seem to have. Hoping you guys can help me out a bit. I plan to do the 'May the Schwarzbier with you' recipe. Grist is as follows: 7 lbs 5.0 oz...