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  1. CascadesBrewer

    Band-Aid/Plastic Flavors from WLP500?

    I brewed a Belgian Pale Ale that has some plastic/band-aid flavors. I am trying to nail down the source. I feel like the yeast/fermentation is the most likely source, but I am not sure. At the end of May I brewed a split batch of a Dubbel, with 2.5 gal fermented with WLP500 and 2.5 gals...
  2. I

    BPA with citrusy taste and aroma!

    Hi guys, how are you today? I wonder if any of you could help me in this case XD! I'm planning to brew a Belgian Pale Ale style with a medium citrusy flavor and aroma! I'm new in brewing large batches, and I'm trying to figure how to have a "shy, little citrusy characteristic" in my beer. The...