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  1. GCGBrewing

    Brewing my 1st Dubbel

    I've been doing some research on brewing a Dubbel, but seem to have found conflicting information. I see in some places brewers suggesting to keep the malt bill simple while this one Make Your Best Belgian Dubbel seems to want to throw in half a dozen malts, including 5lbs of Maris Otter...
  2. N

    Bottling Sugar Problem

    So, heres the scoop. I used Mangrove Jacks Dubbel Extract kit, it's almost ready to be bottled so, as it is written in their manual I should use 2 tsp of sugar per 2L. So for the whole 12L of wort I should use 12 tsp. Converting that to grams, accounting for the ingredient(dextrose(powdered...
  3. M

    Convert Extract Recipe to BIAB All-Grain

    Hello! I somewhat recently brewed a Belgian Abbey Dubbel that my buddy and I really, really like. I'd like to convert the recipe from an extract version to an all-grain version. One problem is that the steeping grains gave me a total weight for a blend, so that's just going to be kinda guessing...
  4. J

    Belgian Dubbel Style: suggestions!

    Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions about my first brew! A couple of years ago I bought a Festival Belgian Dubbel kit (complete with plastic fermentation vessel, bottles, sanitizer, etc) and 2 weeks ago I started the primary fermentation. Now I`m looking for some suggestions before...
  5. DrinkinSurfer

    My name is Chase, and I am a homebrewer.

    Well I am a new homebrewer anyway. Right now I am brewing out of Honolulu, HI for the next few months until I move back to CA. I have my first batch in the primary and thank all of you for have already asking and answering all of my questions for me. This forum is a great resource. My first...