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  1. cactusgarrett

    "Dark Malt" in Bavarian Weisse (NOT a dunkel)?

    I'm curious about a reference to the use of "dark malt" in a traditional weissebier that's NOT a dunkels. In Hieronymus' "Brewing with Wheat", page 95 includes info from Josef Schneider as it pertains to the brewing of Schneider Weisse: "His Weizenbier includes 60% wheat malt... 12% dark...
  2. Green_Man

    Off taste hefe, New brewer needs help!

    I just tried my bottle first bottle of a partial mash hefeweizen that I brewed and it has a real sweet bubblegum with little or no bannana or cloves taste. This is my first time brewing a hefeweizen and it does not really taste like any hefeweizens I have had. It is way too sweet. The beer seems...