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    Campden tablets won't dissolve.

    Just crush it with a spoon before you put it in
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    Tip Draw Floating Dip Tube Issue

    I tried the Williams dip tubes as well and it floated without any weight added. This has been a common problem for years, and I can’t understand why the manufacturer has not added a little weight themselves. However, I switched my other kegs to the floating dip tubes from Ballandkeg and did not...
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    Floating Dip Tube - Which One?

    The Clear Beer system is the Cadillac but you do pay for it. The Torpedo Keg type sold by Williams, Morebeer and others needs weight added to the end to keep it submerged. Otherwise the tube end floats and sucks gas instead of liquid. For the inexpensive units, I use and have several of the...
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    Dumping another lager 😅

    I made a lager with quite a bit of rice a while back and it came out too sweet and had quite a bit of sulfur. I almost dumped it but got lazy and left the keg in the fridge for two more months. Tasted it the other day and it is really improving. You might try that if you have another issue. Time...
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    Anybody else finding themselves enjoying American Lite Lagers again?

    Yes and 34/70 at lager temps with a starter
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    Advice for Lagering with Big Mouth Bubbler?

    I agree with lagering in the keg. No real need to leave it in the fermenter with potential for exposure to air. Yes you can store it at room temp for a few weeks
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    Anybody else finding themselves enjoying American Lite Lagers again?

    Thank you that’s what I meant but did not have the article right in front of me. Leave it to the editors to check your work on HBT 😉
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    Anybody else finding themselves enjoying American Lite Lagers again?

    Funny story, the guy that just won home brewer of the year at the NHC competition submitted a light lager made with a few pounds of light DME and a couple pounds of rice flake. His recipe was about 5 lines long total. Just read it in the zymurgy magazine so I’m giving it a try this weekend...
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    Fermenting in corny, dip tube length?

    I leave my floating dip tubes from Ballandkeg in the keg all the time and just sanitize the whole inside of the keg with starsan as usual. No issues with infection after more than two years
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    Fermenting in corny, dip tube length?

    Consider a floating dip tube. They aren’t expensive and you can transfer as much or as little clear beer as you have. I have the one from and it works great but there are several out there.
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    Glycol Temp Control Set Up

    I have this system in my 6.5 gallon Fermonster and I can do lagers down to mid-50’s no problem. I use an 80 gph fountain pump, a controller and a cheap styrofoam cooler that holds a gallon of water and a 2 liter bottle of ice. All total $90 max.
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    Brew day temp control failure (lagger)

    Put the fermenter in a bucket of water and swap out ice jugs. It will keep it nice and cool while you get the other set up
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    Which yeast for a Pale Ale?

    Nottingham, quick and clean with no peach like 05
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    Diy cooler

    Don’t have that cooling coil, but I use the Temperature control system from almost exactly as they show on their video. Only difference is that I insulate my Fermonster with an old towel or two. I also use a cheap styrofoam cooler to hold ice jugs. I only use a gallon or so of...
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    Floating Dip Tube Replacement Tubing?

    Email these folks. They’ll sell you exactly what’s on their floating dip tubes. They don’t list it directly on their site but they sent me a PayPal invoice and sold me enough to replace all four of mine. Super cool people. Their email is [email protected]