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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    O2 will darken the final product. Try to do a low/no oxygen transfer from fermenter to packaging.
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    Guinness Clone Questions

    I’ve tried souring beer and adding to the batch with no success. I now put acidulated malt at 1.5% of the grist into the mash to get the Guinness twang. Works perfectly :-).
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    Anvil Foundry sparge or no sparge?

    There are a lot of mentions of Brewhouse Efficiency in this thread but no mention if their BHE is measured “into fermenter” or “into packaging”. BHE can be measured at both end points with entirely different results due to trub loss and/or over production of wort beyond packaging capacity (if...
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    Anvil all in one

    Are you defining brewhouse efficiency as efficiency into the fermenter or efficiency into packaging? Regardless, that high of a BH efficiency indicates very little liquid loss due to grain absorption and hops absorption and very little trub loss with you process. Good for you! For my NEIPAs I...
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    Is "full-body" or "medium-body" with Kveik possible?

    Mash hot like in the low to mid 160s. This will leave more long chain carbs that the yeast struggle to metabolize. You’ll get a fuller bodied beer that’s not sweet. You will loose some final gravity points as a result which means a lower ABV beer. I just did a NEIPA fermented with Hornindal at...
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    Is "full-body" or "medium-body" with Kveik possible?

    I use both Voss and Hornindal in my session IPAs with no loss of body. I seriously under pitch. For 3G fermenter I pitch 5ml of slurry. My latest batch that I just kegged I was aiming for a low ABV pale ale using Hornindal. My target ABV by recipe was 3.9. I purposefully mashed high (160F) to...
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    Replacing an air locking during feementation. Good or bad?

    I do the same. I also put a couple of drops of defoam in the fermenter which reduces the size of the krausen with very active yeast like Kveiks fermented hot.
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    Hit a wall tonight (maybe before now)....

    Brew 2.5G batches. I switched from 5G to 2.5G years ago. I’m constantly amazed how at our monthly homebrew club the same people show up with yet a different style beer or two and they’re brewing 5 and 10G batches. Who’s drinking all that beer and when do they have time to brew that much and keep...
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    Anvil all in one

    I did my first brew in my Anvil 10.5 this week. I used the malt pipe with my Wilser bag in the pipe. I also made a DIY small batch adapter cutting a food grade bucket to cover side holes since I did a 2.5G batch for a session IPA (light grain bill which included flaked oats). I crushed my grains...
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    I’ll be moving in about six months to a new home we’re building in FL for our retirement which I’m having a 240v/50A supply put in the garage for this very purpose, and possibly and EV charging station once I get over my range anxiety of EVs. My current home has the old 3 prong non-GFI 240/30...
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    Advise needed! NEIPA water profile from distilled water; the easier the better

    I follow the Chloride:Sulfate ratio of 2:1 for NEIPAs per Martin Brungard in his article on this topic in Zymurgy May/June 2017 pg 35. As for bicarbonate level of zero, you need some bicarbonate to buffer pH. I run a bicarbonate level around 20ppm. The yeast need magnesium as a nutrient. I...
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    I did a test run with my new AF 10.5 yesterday to clean it with PBW and to get familiar with it before actually brewing. I also wanted to get a sense for temp ramp times using 110v. I do 2.5G batches but bought this larger unit in case I later want to return to 5G batches. Here were my temp ramp...
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    Using kviek in an ipa

    I’ve used both Voss and Hornindal fermented in the 90s to get the esters from the yeast in my session NEIPA with great results. In the end I preferred the Hornindal for the tropical fruit esters it produces. Voss gives more citrus notes. Oh, and fermenting in the 90s the beer hits FG in a couple...
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    Formulating my first All Grain w/ Citra and Maris Otter SMASH

    MO and Mosaic fermented with Voss Kveik in the 90F range makes for a nice juicy beer. I’ve done a similar session NEIPA like this several times. If you seriously under pitch the the Voss Kveik and let it ferment hot it will throw off a lot of fruity ester flavors. It will also ferment very fast...