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    Post your infection

    Cider airlock went dry as I was out of the country for 2 weeks and came back to a surprise! Still ended up being the best cider I’ve ever made.
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    Funky Cider?

    I was super impressed with the cider in Spain! None particularly funky, but the ones I had were more tart than I am used to. I Will definitely let this one ride out to see if anything develops. So far samples taste really good and have this very earthy fermentation character to them. Almost...
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    Funky Cider?

    Oh wow that’s interesting, I had always assumed that lacto would! Do you know if wine yeasts are able to form a Pellicle? I used Lallemand D-47 for this batch and am now wondering if it’s just the yeast protecting itself.
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    Funky Cider?

    I decided to make a fruited cider before leaving the country for 2 weeks and came back to an empty airlock & some wild bugs! This is my first infected batch so seeing pellicle this close made me a little queasy, but I love the picture that came from it. I am assuming it is either lacto or brett...
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    Delta Brewing Systems 14 Gallon FermTank Giveaway!

    Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!
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    INKBIRD New Product Giveaway — Electric Space Heater w/ Thermostat!

    That would be such a good addition to the outdoor brew house 🙌🏻
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    Advice for first-time competitors

    Some will have a timeline posted on the website, but I usually receive a scanned copy of my scoresheets within 4-5 days after the final day of competition.
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    Oats and Oat Milk

    Using oat milk is an interesting concept that I had never thought about until this brulosophy article (Flaked Oats Vs. Oat Milk in New England IPA | exBEERiment Results!). You can either follow the end of boil schedule there or pasteurize it and add it to the secondary which would probably add...
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    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Woohoo! Good luck everyone.
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    Caramel Wheat's Impact on Beer

    I am thinking of adding caramel wheat to the next iteration of my American Amber because the last one was judged as having a thin body that was inappropriate for the style. What kind of flavor & body contributions does it make? Is it any different from a crystal 40L? New Recipe: 9 lbs Pale...
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    New post a picture of your pint

    Hibiscus Saison with lemons & lingonberry
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    Advice for first-time competitors

    How does scoring work with volunteers? I entered into my first competition a couple weeks ago and scored a 35 on my American Amber. The competition guaranteed there would be one BJCP judge per table but does that mean that their score has a higher weight than the volunteers? I would love to...
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    New post a picture of your pint

    Got some really good color out of my American Amber!
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    Second batch tastes too bitter.

    When put into beer smith, you get a bitter that’s on the higher end of the spectrum in both bitterness and gravity. Can you describe the flavor of the bitterness? Is it similar to bitters you have had but more intense, or is it a different flavor entirely? If you said the wort was bitter prior...
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    White Chocolate Macadamia

    Looks awesome! The color is super appealing, good luck on the next batch!