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    Hows this welder for the DIY garage mech.

    Flux core is great, but gas shielded is so much better. What I would insist on is that it is upgradeable to gas or you will have to buy another later.
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    30 gal conical

    more photos I think
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    30 gal conical

    Big no on the racking arm. You would have to have some more plastic welded on to support a racking arm. By raising up the stand it is possible to just use a racking cane to fill the cornies as they sit on the floor. All the fittings were available at a local plumbing supply store. The female...
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    30 gal conical

    Lord knows I've tried!!!!!:rockin:
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    30 gal conical

    The following is my post from 4/24 describing my first 25 gallon batch; Did my first 25 gallon brew yesterday. Basically it was an all grain 5 gallon until the boil. A single infusion mash with a batch sparge. Used 12# 6 row pale malt. a total of 10 gallons of water used in the mash and...
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    30 gal conical

    US Plastics. Came to $209 delivered to LHBS. Maybe $20 for the fittings. About $50 to raise the stand but you could save a little doing it differently.
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    30 gal conical

    try this================
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    30 gal conical

    25 gallons. the picture is way to big. trying to learn how to shrink it now.
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    30 gal conical

    Hopefully The picture gets up loaded! this is my 30 gallon polypropylene mix/fill tank. I removed the manway that came attached. Smoothed the top surface. Drilled a 3/4 inch hole for the air lock. Placed a cutting board with a layer of nonskid shelf liner over a layer of plastic wrap. Two 35#...
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    Over Thinking Brewing?!

    Think until you start having second thoughts then just do it before your second thoughts destroy your enthusiasm. That's the point when you done overthunk it! No one knows you better than yourself!
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    Brewery Name Help II: Suggestions

    Maltimore Barrel land Brewing?
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    Brewery Name Help II: Suggestions

    Maltimore Brewing co.
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    Two brews, One airlock

    I use a piece of tubing and a canning jar. With a knife cut an X in the lid of the jar. Insert one end of the tube through the X. add sanitizer. Put the other end of the tube in the grommet.
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    Aeration of first All grain

    Sometimes I use my racking cane. with the pump out of the wort and the hose at the bottom. Pump away. You pump air to the bottom and froth the whole thing up real good
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    Why 10 gal?

    there are many factors in Utah that make it a necessity to brew. My job and schedule are cause for a need to brew as much as you can when you can. It made for a very productive brew day.