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    Bottling Q's

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if the bucket is retaining the hop smell still, then doesn't that mean that there is that scuffing that you were talking about, so it is providing a place for bacteria to grow as well?
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    Switch from beer to wine yeast -- fermentation halted

    What an interesting quote... You know, it wasn't until recent history that sweet wines were so frowned upon... until what... the 50s I seem to remember, sweet wines were in vogue. You could start a comeback... or just ship it to me. <smiles>
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    Morning Beer! That way you can enjoy your beer in the morning...
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    The problem with high abv beer is...

    There is another solution... You just need to gain more weight. See, at 300 pounds, I nearly have to drink an entire 24 case of cheap american swill to even get buzzed (and since I can't stand the stuff I have yet to ever do such a thing), or down almost a whole bottle of tiquila (I've...
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    Now there's one way to get some meat to go with your beer...

    I'd grab one of my friendly boom sticks and shoot it, then have someone process the meat. <smiles> As far as deer done less damage, those things tend to do a lot... but oh well.
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    Now there's one way to get some meat to go with your beer...

    Yeah... I was quite impressed with his accomplishments. Especially after having been kicked by it several times. I cracked up at that "bowlegged" comment. But yes, that is what shotguns, or any sidearm really, is for.
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    Now there's one way to get some meat to go with your beer...
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    Is it carbonating?

    Start on another batch. <smiles>
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    From what I have read of what others have typed here... it seems like if you let too much air get to it then it will affect the taste. As a result be very careful when you siphon.
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    Fruit flavored extract beer

    All I know about using real fruit in brews is that you want to avoid getting too much pulp in the primary or secondary. Juice it or something real well... but the pulp can get suspended in the liquid. One of my cider primaries was going for about 10 days before I stopped it and siphoned over to...
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    Carboy cleaning - oxyclean?

    When you think you would feel safe eating off of it, and when it sparkles and shines THEN you sanitize it (yes, I have learned my lesson... starsan is your friend).
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    Any idea why new posts is broken so often?

    Maybe it is just fighting back because I refresh it every 10 minutes just to see if there has been another juicy nugget of information dropped since my last refresh... I mean it could just be a personal thing, it hates me... but who knows. <smiles>
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    Any idea why new posts is broken so often?

    See, that isn't it at all... which is why it didn't make any sense to me. Because I can be sitting there reading, refreshing, reading some more posts that I brought up, then suddenly it goes empty. Seems strange, but there you have it. I would think that for "new posts" on a forum, the way to...
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    Non-Alcoholic brew?

    Is it that his stomach can't handle it? Religious thing? Why?
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    Starter not Starting

    Wait... how was the LME wasted? I mean couldn't she just get another yeast and toss that in and get it going?