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    Grainfather for sale - NOVA/DC

    Yes it is
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    Grainfather for sale - NOVA/DC

    As much as I hate to do it I am going to part with a fairly new Grainfather Connect. I only had a couple brews on it before I moved into a place that doesn't support 5 gallon batches anymore. So sadly I need to part ways with it. Comes with the insulating jacket, the counter flow chiller and...
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    Have you ever forgot the bag?

    I tend to start my brew days at 430-5am and during my last brew was in a fog after min sleep. I scooped a couple 3-4 cups of grain into my kettle to then gasp in horror of what I'd done. No bag! Being that my kettle is my largest pot in my household after my mash I ended up with a hodgepodge...
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    Wilserbrewer $10 BIAB Bags, Black Friday

    Still an option? If so, I have a 10g Tall Boy. 17in tall, 15in wide.
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    Quick Recipe Check

    OK...thanks for the suggestions y'all. Took some of your suggestions and I did a bunch of research on a few of these grains and I made a more educated decision. Decided to go with 3.5% C20, 14.5% Munich and 82% 2 row. Should be a good start!
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    Quick Recipe Check

    Thanks kev211. I'll reduce the nugget bittering addition a bit and get that down. Snowtiger1987. I actually took out the vienna and replaced it with a small amount of honey malt.
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    Quick Recipe Check

    I am new to building recipes, just wanted to run this IPA by the audience for suggestions. Hop schedule make sense? Grain bill sensible? Too much going on with the hops in contrast to the grain bill? Maybe add a little oats? I don't know, y'all tell me what you think. That's the point of...