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  1. Wicked_ferment

    NE IPA with Belgian Trappist yeast

    I recently embarked on an adventure to design a series of NE IPA recipes using different ale yeasts (e.g. English, Kviek, Saison, Hefe, Trappist..). I want to have each beer target a unique SRM and fruit flavor to match. In the case of Trappist, I want a darker beer, near black, color with lots...
  2. Wicked_ferment

    Oktoberfest w/ Kolsch Yeast?

    How did this go? I was planning on doing the same thing
  3. Wicked_ferment

    Dry hopping leads to terrible flavour

    I dry hop almost everything. Including sours. I dry hopped a Gose with Huell Melon recently and it ended up great. I also drop hopped a Berliner Weisse with Citra and Mosaic and it was one of my favorite brews. I'm always really careful when I put hops in though, I lower in the hops REALLY...